Dear friends,

I’ve never been more excited than right now. The work of God in and through The Fields Church is amazing.

The past few years have been full of life change, spiritual growth, community outreach, missions involvement, dynamic family life ministry and being a church family who deeply cares for one another. This all leaves me unbelievably excited to introduce the plan to unleash the next era in the life of The Fields Church: Say Yes!

We want to Say Yes to the future of The Fields Church. For the next two years we are inviting God to do a transformational work of generosity in our hearts so that we can lay hold of the advancing opportunities before us. As we all take new steps of trusting God together, we’ll be astounded at the freedom and strength unleashed in our hearts and in the life of our church. Joy and I are excited to lead us through this journey. We’re saying yes, and we’re inviting you to Say Yes right along with us.

Why is this an “every one” moment? Because God wants every single one of us to be His accomplices. From the crossing of the Red Sea, to the collapse of Jericho’s walls, to Jesus’ last words in Acts 1:8, to this very moment…He invites us to step forward and join Him in the midst of the miraculous advancement of His mission.

Can you even believe what an honor it is to partner with the One who made the world and everything in it? I am eager beyond words to move into these exciting days with you. He is God and we are in His hands. May that reality encourage us to take our next steps and Say Yes to all He has for us.

Saying Yes with you,
Pastor Travis and Joy



We will invest here at home.

The Fields Church is FAMILY to all of us. We need to make sure our home at The Fields Church is strong, healthy and capable of providing effective ministry.

Through focus groups, leadership discussions, and church facility consultants, we identified the following pinch points that will limit us in continued growth:

  • Our lobby is too crowded
  • Our auditorium needs improvements and more seating.
  • Our Family Life environments are reaching capacity.
  • The curb appeal of our facility does not reflect the quality of ministry and church life.

How can we bring solutions to these problems?

  • A more warm and inviting exterior
  • A larger lobby
  • An updated auditorium environment
  • A new and interactive preschool space
  • Additional Family Life space


We Will Invest In Our Communities.

We are passionate about the surrounding communities. God has strategically positioned us to be His love, hope and help in our own communities.

We will actively serve our communities through ongoing partnerships in the schools, in the business sector, and by helping our neighbors know the love of God.

A Brand New Opportunity!

Our new preschool play and discovery environment will be open throughout the week for anyone in the community to utilize. Our facility will be a blessing to hundreds of parents who need a place to go with their kids during the day.

Also, our updated auditorium and lobby will be an excellent space for businesses, organizations and nonprofit agencies to use to improve leadership, train employees, and contribute to the well-being of our community.

When we invest in our communities, our goal is to share our
resources, share God’s love, and share our people to help make
our community a better place.




We Will Invest In Our World.

We will be generous with our resources to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We will partner with missions organizations that are helping people who live in extreme poverty conditions.

We will partner with missionaries who are actively investing in the next generation to build up a strong foundation of future Christian leaders all over the globe. Several areas of the world devalue children. We will support those who empower children to become great Christian leaders.

We will go to great lengths to forward the gospel into areas of the world that still do not know who Jesus is. Several geographical areas of the planet are less than two percent Christian. We will enable missionaries to go into these areas and share God’s story with those who have never heard it.

A Brand New Opportunity

BibleAppForKids400We will sponsor a children’s Bible story on the Bible App For Kids. This is a state-of-the art
way of getting God’s Word into the lives of children in all corners of the planet.

When you Say Yes, you will be helping kids all over the world learn the promise that God has
a New Heavens and New Earth for all his believers. What a great story to tell!


Floor Plan





Auditorum Angeled


Lobby Cafe

Indoor Playground


Flex Room


Education Room


Nursery Suite


Large Group


South Patio


Southwest Perspective




What is Say Yes?
Say Yes is a two-year generosity initiative that enables us to accomplish the vision God has given us for The Fields Church.
What are the goals of Say Yes?
We have three critical areas of ministry that need to be resourced and achieved. First, we will invest here at home by strengthening our weekly ministries and renovating our facilities. Due to wonderful growth and God’s transforming work in people’s lives, we are experiencing facility limitations in the Family Life areas, lobby, and worship auditorium. Secondly, we will invest in our communities by serving those in need, providing family-friendly facility space that can be used during the week and bringing a resource to our community for overall spiritual health. Thirdly, through Say Yes we will invest in the world by helping those living in extreme poverty, investing in the next generation of children all over the world, and sharing the story of Jesus to those living in places where Christianity is practically non-existent. In order to fulfill the mission that God has for us, we must advance all of these critical areas of ministry simultaneously. To move forward towards the vision, we cannot simply advance one or two at the expense of the other. God does not want us to eliminate or hinder our giving that supports our ongoing weekly ministry in order to address the upgrades and repairs necessary on our facilities. Lostness can’t wait for us to do that and missions do not take a “time out.” God is calling us to Say Yes and do all of this together.
Is this a building campaign?
No. A building or capital campaign is focused solely on building or renovating a building. While it is important for us to renovate our facilities so that we can continue to use them, we want to advance the Kingdom in all we do, locally and globally. Funds will increase for ministry support, local missions, global missions, as well as facilities. When we Say Yes, we can make advancements to do ALL God is calling us to.
What’s the expectation of Say Yes?
Our prayerful expectation is for everyone to take the next step on the spiritual and generosity journey God has set before each of us. These next two years are about growing in our walk with Jesus, personally and collectively as a church. If we all take a step forward in our spiritual journey, we will have achieved a church of people that will Say Yes to what God has planned for The Fields Church.

Renovation Project

Why do we need to renovate and expand?
For the past six months, we have actively researched to identify the facility problems we are experiencing due to our growth. Through focus groups, leadership discussion, and church facility consultants we identified the following pinch points that will limit us in continued growth: 1) Our lobby is too crowded. 2) Our auditorium needs improvements and more seating. 3) Our Family Life spaces are reaching capacity. 4) The curb appeal of our facility does not reflect the quality of ministry and church life.
Why mostly renovation instead of just building a new facility space adjacent to the existing one?
For the past year, we have vigorously debated several options, including adding a third service, relocating to a new facility, building a new auditorium, building a new Family Life center, utilizing temporary structures, planting another church locally, and expanding The Fields Church to additional sites (referred to as multi-site). None of those solutions addressed all four problems of insufficient children’s space, insufficient lobby space, insufficient auditorium seating, and overall facility curb appeal at a cost we could afford to pay. In order for us to bring affordable and strategic solutions to the identified problems, we discovered that renovating the existing floor plans of our facility with a small addition in the Family Life area would achieve great solutions in a cost effective manner.
Will we have to vacate during renovation?
We are still in the early planning stages. All indications are that we will need to move our weekend services once major renovations begin. The renovations should take four to six months. During that time, we plan to have services in a different venue. The amount of giving determines the scope and time for the renovation of The Fields Church. Once the scope is defined, we will be able to articulate the completion timeline in detail.
When do we begin construction?
Construction will begin as soon as possible, likely in early 2016.
How long will the construction project last?
We anticipate approximately 4 to 6 months of actual construction time.
How will construction affect our current ministries?
We will do everything we can to minimize the impact on our ministries. However, location of ministries may need to be relocated during this time. Leaders and our design/build firm will be studying the real possibility of relocating facilities until construction is complete. Then, we will have an amazing “Welcome Home” party to celebrate its completion.
How will we address our future parking challenges?
We understand parking is limited on some Sundays. To keep our initial project cost down, we will not be adding more paved parking during this phase. However, we have additional parking on the east side of our facility that the ministry team will be using to free up front paved parking for everyone else. We will continue to evaluate parking to determine if additional temporary gravel parking is needed on the east side. Additional paved parking on the southwest corner of our property is in the overall strategic facility plan, but will not happen during this phase.
How much will this renovation cost?
To accomplish everything we can to solve our stated problems, the renovation project forecast is $1.6 million. This includes: renovating nearly all 15,000 square feet of existing space; adding an additional 1,000 square feet of Family Life space; adding nearly 3,000 square feet of outdoor patio; building a community play center for children inside our current facility; increasing our lobby size and auditorium seating capacity to accommodate for our continued growth; and improve curb appeal to reflect our quality of ministry at The Fields Church. Our goal is to raise $700,000 toward the project in approximately two years beginning on October 4, 2015. This overall Say Yes financial goal will be 1.7 million dollars. The Say Yes goal includes 2016 and 2017 operation expense, all missions and ministry expenses and nearly half of the renovation expense. We will finance the remaining renovation cost and pay it off in a quick, responsible and deliberate manner.


Can The Fields Church raise $1.7 million in two years?
We believe $1.7 million is an attainable goal. The congregation already gives approximately $475,000 each year toward ministry. Churches often raise around 1.5 times their annual budget in a 24-month special financial campaign in addition to their regular contributions. For The Fields Church, 1.5 times our annual budget would be approximately $700,000. We believe that this project is very realistic – if we give generously.
Will we incur debt to renovate?
The amount of giving through the Say Yes initiative determines the amount of financing we may secure to accomplish the renovation project. We do have plans to finance a portion of the renovation project, but we are extremely conservative in our debt ratio strategy. Our leaders and the architects are taking a conservative view towards debt and future income expansion.
What is the stance of our leaders regarding debt, biblically and philosophically?
We affirm what the Bible teaches about debt (e.g. not being in positions of enslavement, repaying what is within our ability to pay, not presuming upon the future, counting the cost of something before launching into it). Our sincere desire, long-term, is to be debt free, but it’s our goal, not our mission. Our mission will accommodate, then, a responsible, manageable level of debt, if necessary, in order to leverage the incredible opportunity we have to reach even more families with the Gospel during this rapid season of growth we find ourselves in. Of course, planned repayment is part of being responsible.

Your Involvement

How will church leaders know of much we can raise?
On November 1, 2015, we will all turn in our Say Yes responses to the vision God is calling us to. The response cards ask each of us to identify the step we are taking on the journey and what that looks like in terms of our time and treasure. If you are unable to be here on November 1, you may submit your response card now by mailing it to The Fields Church, 900 Dewitt Ave East., Mattoon, IL 61938, or dropping it in the offering bucket during services, or by going to thefieldslive.com/sayyes to fill out an electronic version. Response card packets are available. If you need a response card, contact the The Fields Church office at (217) 234-2795.
How will my little help? I don't think my gift will make difference.
That’s a myth we hear often. It’s easy to think that there are other people at The Fields Church that already give and do plenty to keep the place running. The truth is, the church can only fulfill God’s vision most effectively when everyone is willing to Say Yes with their time, talent, and treasure. There’s a great story about a man who said the first time he gave $25 to help end hunger in Ethiopia didn’t change the cause, didn’t make a huge dent in ending hunger, but it changed him forever. He realized the work God can do in our lives when we step out in faith and become generous.
Can I donate jewelry, antiques, and personal items to the church as part of my Say Yes giving?
We suggest before donating any personal property that you seek professional guidance from your personal tax advisor. The Internal Revenue Service has complex and restrictive rules regarding the giving of personal property and in most cases donors discover they prefer to give in other ways. However, every situation is different so we strongly encourage you to seek professional advice. The Fields Church is prevented from appraising, making recommendations, or determining your best giving strategy in regards to personal property.
Can I donate real estate, stocks, bonds, and other stored assets?
Yes, you can include stored assets in your Say Yes giving plan. Most of the wealth owned by Christians is in the form of assets NOT cash, yet most of the giving to churches is in the form of cash NOT assets. For some, there can be great advantages to giving from assets instead of cash. For more information on asset based giving, we recommend the National Christian Foundation (nationalchristian.com). If you would like to speak to someone about this option, contact Tina Johnson, business and finance director, at (217) 234-2795.
What is the Big Give Offering?
The Big Give offering on November 15 is a “first fruits” offering and is included in your overall Say Yes financial commitment. Giving a large portion of your commitment at the front end of this initiative allows the renovation project to begin sooner than later. The more financial resources we have up front, the quicker we can begin construction and the less we have to borrow or pay interest on.
What must we do to see this vision become a reality?
The vision is for all of us to take a step forward in our spiritual journey of generosity. We believe that if that happens, God will supply sufficient resources to accomplish the vision. We want you to pray, listen, be obedient, and willingly act. Just take the next step and we will be able to take this leap as a church family.

New Contributions & Accounting Process

What is one fund?
This is an easy explanation of our accounting process with financial contributions at The Fields Church. All of our tithes, offerings and gifts will go to resource the current ministries of The Fields Church and the strategic initiatives of Say Yes. This single-fund approach allows us to easily celebrate and apply all giving as Say Yes advancement. This approach reminds us that God has one primary plan for reaching the world – the local church. Every Say Yes gift given to The Fields Church goes directly to fulfilling our mission of investing here at home, in our communities, and around the world.
Why are we changing to one fund giving?
There are several reasons for this change. First, this approach reminds us that we are one church with one vision. With a goal of $1.7 million, every dollar given will count as a part of our one vision to be part of God’s story in the world. Second, when we give to different funds, we place greater value on some giving and less value on other giving. When we separate “missions giving” from “supporting the church,” it is easy to forget that support for the local church is support for the mission. The church is Christ’s “Plan A” for reaching our communities and the nations with the Gospel.
Will one fund take away all of our special funds and offerings?
Yes. Every contribution to God’s work through The Fields Church is a contribution to our One Fund. Every aspect of the ministry vision God is calling us toward will be funded through One Fund. There will not be separate designated funds for offerings.Therefore, every weekend becomes an opportunity to celebrate and contribute towards what God is doing in and through The Fields Church as we invest in our church, communities and world.


It’s Going To Take All Of Us!

We invite you to join us! We simply want YOU to have sincerely pray, “God, what do you want from me?”

If we do this, God will change our hearts, enlarge our faith, and meet all of our
needs. As we join together to reach beyond ourselves, we will see something
happen that is bigger than ourselves. We can Say Yes to the future of The
Fields Church.

Giving Options

Key Dates & Timeline

Commitment Sunday – November 1
Big Give Sunday – November 15